If you have been considering a peel but feel a little nervous, Privé Swiss MedSpa’s ZO Skin Health Stimulator Peel is the perfect introduction to chemical peels. This ‘celebrity’ loved treatment is a favorite before big events and is often known as the ‘lunchtime red carpet peel’ because no downtime is required.

At Privé Swiss MedSpa, we go by the rule “the deeper the peel, the better your results”. It is because of this philosophy we encourage clients to plan appropriately for deeper peels which can leave skin red and flaky.

Insert the perfect lunchtime peel.

The ZO Skin Health Stimulator Peel is a must for skin that feels rough or looks dull, as it uses a new, unique combination of exfoliating ingredients to renew and revive the skin. The treatment takes about 30 minutes and has no recovery time. In fact, it is so mild, it can be done in the office every week! Optimal results are achieved if treatments are performed 1x/week for a month and maintained every 4-6 weeks. 

The peel penetrates the epidermis (the top layer of the skin) and is indicated for fine lines, dull appearance, rough dry texture, and brightens skin tone.

What to expect

During the treatment, your provider will cleanse and exfoliate your skin using ZO Skin Health’s gentle or hydrating cleanser, exfoliating polish, and exfoliating polish activator. The peel prep is then gently applied to remove oils which provides an optimal surface for the peel solution. This solution contains added skin brightening complex to help promote a more even skin tone and includes anti-irritant benefits, which calm and soothe the skin. The careful blend of lactic acid, Kojic acid, licorice root extract, Vitamins C and E offer added antioxidant protection to help fight against free radical damage.

During the second phase of treatment, the Stimulator Peel is applied to the skin. This takes about two minutes and focuses on exfoliating dead skin cells to minimize the appearance of fine lines and surface pigment. This phase helps to even skin tone and prevent inflammation. Core ingredients include lactic acid, citric acid, glycolic acid, Diglucosyl Gallic acid, beta-glucan, and Sichuan pepper fruit extract. 

The third step encourages skin recovery by neutralizing skin and preparing it for extraction. The formula used acts as a desincrustration fluid to soften the skin and prepare it for easier extractions. It also restores the skin’s PH. The main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate. 

Client results

Our clients love this treatment for its effective results and quick treatment time. And, because this is a superficial peel, it is perfect for all skin types.

“This peel is not like traditional peels I’ve had before. My skin didn’t actually peel much at all— it just absolutely GLOWED!”

Jennifer L.

The team at Privé Swiss MedSpa recommends this peel for anyone looking to target dull, aging skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pore size, acne, pigment, or seeking to improve overall skin tone or texture.