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Vitamin shots are a great way to boost your body’s natural health and healing. They boost energy, heighten metabolism, improve sleep cycles, enhance your mood, replenish crucial nutrients fast and improve your overall well-being.

Vitamin shots are designed to provide your body with essential nutrients that may be lacking in your diet or that your body may have difficulty absorbing through oral supplementation alone. Whether you’re looking to enhance your immune response, increase your energy levels, or simply boost your overall health, vitamin therapy can be a valuable addition to your wellness routine.

Detox Package

A natural decrease in glutathione doesn’t have to be the end of the road. If you’re experiencing any of the following, glutathione could be right for you!

  • Increased stress from any source – stress happens, and empowering your body to fight stressors can actually help reduce stress
  • Poor nutrition – a change in diet can be challenging, but that’s no reason to suffer from side effects
  • Natural aging – you’re only as old as you feel, and a glutathione shot pairs perfectly with one of our anti-aging treatments for a full refresh

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Immunity Boost Package

This essential nutrient has significant antioxidant properties and is critical for fighting off illness, wound healing, collagen synthesis, and overall skin health. It can improve skin coloring, immune function, cellular function, and general aches and pains – even Fibromyalgia. Medical professionals recognize Vitamin C as a leader in immunity boosts during cold weather months and flu seasons, but regular Vitamin C boosts can do so much more including:

Support collagen synthesis which evens skin tone and greatly improves overall skin healthProtect the body’s cells from the dangerous effects of free radicals with powerful antioxidantsHelp to ease aches and pains, even going so far as to provide relief to clients with Fibromyalgia through the analgesic properties of ascorbic acid found in Vitamin C.

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Fat Burn Package

Jumpstart your weight loss journey with Methionine inositol choline (MICC) injections, also known as lipotropic injections – an ideal solution for targeting fatty deposits throughout your body. MICC injections contain a blend of nutrients that help your body release fatty deposits. For example, inositol stimulates fat removal by your liver, while choline prevents cholesterol buildup and deposits. Methionine, an essential amino acid, helps inositol and choline work even more efficiently.

MICC injections also contain vitamin B12, which can further stimulate your metabolism and give you a boost of energy, especially if you don’t get enough B12 each day. When methionine, inositol, choline, and B12 are combined into one injection, you have a higher chance of getting rid of excess fatty deposits throughout your body.

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Energy Boost Package

Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in brain function and the production of DNA and red blood cells. For people with a vitamin B12 deficiency, getting this shot is a safe and convenient way to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs for better sleep, mood stability, and cognitive ability. Vitamin B-12 is naturally available in meats and in small amounts from various plant foods and different types of seaweed. So, for individuals who do not eat meat, obtaining vitamin B12 in bioavailable supplement form is key.

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