Laser Hair Removal

Toss your razor and stop with painful, time-consuming waxing appointments.

Laser Hair Removal is a non-invasive treatment that safely removes unwanted hair without damaging the skin. Using an intense, pulsing beam of light, Laser Hair Removal passes through the skin to reach targeted hair follicles where the energy is absorbed and transformed into heat that disables these unwanted follicles, leaving the surrounding area unaffected. Laser Hair Removal offers longer-lasting results than other hair removal methods such as shaving, tweezing, or electrolysis.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We perform Laser Hair Removal with the revolutionary Splendor X™, the world’s first Hybrid Laser Hair Removal system. The Splendor X™ features the first-ever square footprint and uses an innovative blend of two simultaneous wavelengths to perform at lightning speed. With this impressive technology, you will enjoy a highly effective, comfortable, and quick hair removal treatment, unlike anything you have ever seen before.

  • Why the Splendor X™?
  • Removes unwanted hair from virtually anywhere on the body
  • Utilizes unprecedented power and rapid coverage rates
  • Faster and fewer sessions
  • Long-lasting results
  • Comfortable treatments

Results That Last

To permanently remove hair, the hair germinal cells must be killed. This is done by using a laser whose wavelength matches the pigment of the hair. The heat absorbed by the pigment travels to the germinal cells and permanently injures them. In the growth phase of a hair cycle (one of 3 phases of the life of a hair), the hair is attached to the germ cells so the heat is effectively transferred to them. In the other 2 phases of the hair cycle, the heat will not lead to killing the germ cell.

Most people will need about 6 treatments to achieve a long-lasting reduction in hair growth.

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