How to Avoid and Take Control of “Maskne”

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the nation, the use of face masks to prevent the spread has become the new normal for most people. As a result, the unintended consequence of such protection is “Maskne”, a newly coined term used to describe those tiny, pesky little whiteheads, or acne, that result from extended wear of a cloth, medical, or paper face mask. 

Acne mechanica is the technical medical term used to describe these small breaks in the skin that can open the door for bacteria, dirt, and oil build-up. As you breathe, the moisture collected under the mask creates a perfect environment for clogged pores.

With more states and businesses across the country requiring people to wear face coverings in public in order to fight the spread of COVID-19, you might be wondering how you can fight what’s under the mask?

How can I prevent a “Maskne” breakout?

First, make sure your skin is thoroughly cleaned prior to putting on a mask. We recommend using ZO® Skin Health’s Exfoliating Cleanser for most skin types. In addition, you’ll want to remove dead skin cells and soothe irritation. Privé-Swiss MedSpa’s exclusive Maskne “Grab & Go” kit provides you with 60 Oil Control Pads and the Acne Spot Treatment at a great price more than 15% off retail value.

Stick with lightweight cotton or silk, both of which are gentler on the skin and create less friction than synthetics like polyester and rayon. Allowing yourself some pampering doesn’t hurt either. For a more regimented skin routine, treat and prep your skin at all levels with Privé-Swiss MedSpa’s Complete Maskne Treatment Kit which includes a 30-minute skin balancing facial along with ZO Skin Health’s gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Dual Action Scrub, Oil Control Pads, Sulfur Masque and Acne Control.

Clean masks frequently. Since masks are a breeding ground for bacteria build up, ensuring your mask is sanitized and clean before use is critical to preventing a maskne breakout. We recommend keeping a rotation of masks on hand to quickly grab as you head out the door. Remember, fragrance free laundry detergent is key, as fragrance within fabric can be an irritant.

Finally, let your skin breathe whenever possible. Skip the makeup and remove your mask as much as possible. You don’t need to wear your mask when nobody else is around, so remember to remove it while driving, walking (while keeping a safe distance from others) and when at home.

What to do if Maskne symptoms persist

Even if you’ve been meticulous about keeping your mask and face clean, there’s still a chance you can break out, especially if you have oily or acne-prone skin. The easiest, no fuss way to get control is to book a consultation with a licensed Prive-Swiss MedSpa provider. This 30-minute appointment will allow us to take a deeper look at the types of symptoms you’re experiencing and provide a customized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

Privé-Swiss MedSpa’s licensed medical providers and ZO Skin Health Experts are licensed to diagnose and treat all forms of skin irritations. Contact us for a free consultation and learn how to take control of your skin.